About the show

Jonathan’s performance is chock full of mind reading, illusions, comedy, and audience participation. Jonathan’s effects combine profiling techniques and psychological magic to create something truly fascinating and memorable. While his performance evokes a feeling of true psychic phenomenon, Jonathan uses his comedic touch to remind audiences  that it’s all just and an illusion…. or is it?


During the performance, you will experience up close and personal illusions, mind reading, and daring feats of danger.

Jonathan can tell you the name of a close friend you are thinking of, or know how old you were when you had your first kiss. In addition to this, for the first time Jonathan David Bass will levitate a woman with a live camera behind him.

Saturdays 7:00pm
Running time: 120 min.
Tickets 650czk

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Show Program

Numbers stuck in our minds will remain there forever, however can they be accessed?

Modern Alchemy
The mystery of change.

We all make them. Small decisions have little significance, while others can change our destiny.

Words and letters
The emotions behind our words sometimes say more than the words themselves.

Money does not grow on trees, or does it?

RISK VS REWARD – The spike
A dangerous game of chance


The Fox sisters
A demonstration of spiritualism.

Breaking the law.

The bullet
A dangerous game of speed.

The blades
A dangerous game of injury.

5 degrees of separation
We are all more connected than most of us realize.